Lips of Suna

Lips of Suna is a tongue-in-cheek action RPG. It's an open world game that focuses on action heavy and versatile gameplay, dynamically changing game world and ease of customization and modding.

Hardcore Content

Intended for the mature taste, the game features violence, crude humor, nudity and other themes you can rarely see in other games anymore. Experience what chaos and freedom really mean!

Extreme Customization

Develop your character with extreme depth by selecting skills and creating custom spells. Design the appearance of your character in detail with the powerful character creation system of the game.

Versatile Crafting

Items can be crafted using the materials you mine and harvest. There's a large repertory of different kind of weapons, armor sets and other things. Craft them from different materials to get different benefits.

Random Map Generation

No game is ever the same, with random areas to explore and creatures to encounter. Crawl randomly generated dungeons, discover new locations, complete random quests and admire the landscapes!

Dynamic Terrain

Destroy terrain, mine ores, build buildings, sky's the limit! The game takes dynamic terrain into a whole new level by offering both blocky shapes and smooth slopes in the same package.


Gameplay and content is easy to add, so if you feel there's something missing, add it in! With a couple of lines of simple markup text, you can put your own creations in-game.

Actively Developed

Lips of Suna is under active development. There may be an occasional issue since it is still pre-alpha, but we hope that it's worth trying out nevertheless. If you found it interesting, you're encouraged to chime in and help us improve it.

Free Software

Lips of Suna is free software. Both the source code and the content are free as in freedom and beer. They're easily downloadable and can be edited with free tools.

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